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WRC Inspections are becoming more and more frequent – they can be announced or unannounced and apply to all employers, whether small enterprises or multi-nationals. In the main, an employer will get advance notice of an inspection. In some instances, an inspector has the right to show up unannounced. If a WRC Inspection finds that you or a client are non-compliant, there are fines applicable to each and every infringement identified by the WRC. 

Yvonne Clarke covers the following topics during this session:

  • A brief overview of recent and upcoming employment legislation
  • What is the WRC and what is involved in an Inspection, and Reasons for an Inspection?
  • What to do when/or if you receive a notice of an inspection
  • Preparing for an Inspection and the steps involved in a WRC Inspection
  • Examples of inspection offences

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Yvonne Clarke

Yvonne is MCIPD Accredited, with an MSc in HRM Leadership and she is also a Certified Workplace Mediator (The Mediators' Institute of Ireland). Yvonne has a personal and practical approach and is experienced in working collaboratively with clients managing multiple, disparate activities, projects and transformation programmes ensuring people strategies are aligned with Business Strategic direction and Business Needs.

With over 22 years’ experience in all areas of Human Resource Management, she has worked in business areas such as Logistics, Manufacturing / Recycling, Not-For-Profit/Charity, Health and Social Care, Education and Corporate Functions such as Finance, IT, Quality & Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning & Development.