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With recent updates to MLD5 it is more important than ever to ensure that Agents have a clear understanding of who is a beneficial owner, how to identity them and how to file on the RBO for their clients and for their Practices from an AML perspective. 

In this course Sinead Gortland covers  the following topics;

  • The background of the RBO and legislation 
  • How to identify a Beneficial owner
  • How to file on the RBO
  • Access to the RBO
  • RBO Updates

CPD Course Speaker


Sinead Gortland

Sinead joined the Corporate Consultants formations team in OmniPro in 2016 and built up her experience and knowledge before moving into the Company Secretarial team and is the current Head of OmniPro Company Secretarial.

As a key member of CPD Stores speaker team Sinead’s focus is Beneficial Ownership, Annual Compliance and Corporate Governance. Sinead is passionate about making company secretarial and company law accessible and approachable to agents and accountants.

As a member of the Corporate Consultants team Sinead is also responsible for carrying out; Section 343 applications, High Court Company Restorations, Annual Compliance, Company Law Compliance and AML. As well as this Sinead delivers bespoke training in the areas of corporate governance and compliance.

In her previous roles Sinead spent time in education and ESG and has a MSc from Maynooth.