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Change is inevitable and again the alteration, improvements and adjustments to the Code of Ethics have been numerous. We want to draw your attention to this. Not only the Code change, but also the ISAs have had new additions and amendments such as ISQM 1 and 2, a revised. 


During this session Ulrich Schäckermann will cover the following topics:

  • How to achieve ‘Responding to Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations for:
    • Accountants in business (section 260), and 
    • Accountants in Public Practice (section 360)
  • An introduction to the independence requirements Part 4a titled: ‘Independence for Audit and Review Engagements’


After the session you will be able to deal with the complex issues of what to do when encountering a situation which indicates that in relation to your work you have discovered matters that appear to be non-complaint with laws and regulations as they are applicable to you client. The process to be followed has been detailed such as identifying situations, reacting in a professional manner, who to communicate with and how to conclude on such matters. There are difficult situations you may encounter, but if you follow the Code of Ethics and engage in professional judgement, acting with professional knowledge and Integrity you will be able to resolve such situation to the satisfaction of your client and com ply with your obligation to protect the public interest.


Acting with the necessary independence when conducting an audit or a review of a client’s financial statements, is a prerequisite for all professional accountants and with the knowledge conveyed in the presentation you will be able to comply with the assessing of your independence and using professional judgement be able to comply with the requirements of the Code and acting in the public interest.

The session is targeted for professional accountants in public practice. While the session on Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations is pertinent to all professional accountants, the independence requirements are applicable to those accountants who perform audit work which also included the review of financial statements, where a client is not subject to the more stringent audit requirements of the Companies Act. Thus, all activities where the work is guided by the ISAs.


The course is designed for recognised members of professional accounting bodies who are obliged to comply in their work performance with the requirements of the International Ethical Standards Board for Accountants which is a Board if the International Federation of Accountants.

CPD Course Speaker

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Ulrich Schackermann

Ulrich is a professional accountant with more than 30 years’ experience in the profession and holds additional qualifications in professional ethics. Since 2005 he has provided support for professional accountants and firms in the field of professional ethics. His experience as a partner in a large international firm provided him with in depth experience in serving clients and the public. He is a member of the Appeals Panel of CAI. He was a member of the Ethics Committee of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the South African Auditing regulator (IRBA). He was a member of the disciplinary and investigation committees of SAICA and IRBA