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This course covers the main proposals that have been developed by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) to update the existing FRS 102 and 105. As most accountants in Ireland are involved in either preparing or advising clients on how to comply with these standards it is important that they have an early warning to the significant changes being proposed, particularly on accounting for leases and reporting revenue in the financial statements.


The following topics are covered during this course:

  • Brief introduction to the publication of FRED 82
  • Summary of key changes to lessee accounting
  • Summary of the key changes to reporting revenue
  • Quick review of the proposed changes to the definition of an asset, liability and the different recognition and derecognition of both
  • Brief discussion of changes to FRS 102 Section 1A and FRS 105

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Robert Kirk

Robert qualified in first place in 1975 as an Irish Chartered Accountant after graduating in Economics from Queens University. He trained in practice with Price Waterhouse and later worked in industry with a subsidiary of Shell (UK). His teaching career started with Business and Accounting Training (now Griffith College) in Dublin where he taught mainly on the professional examination courses for ICAI, CPA, CIMA and ACCA in Belfast and Dublin.

Robert specialises in the teaching of and research into the development of accounting standards in the United Kingdom. He has published 18 books and numerous articles in both academic and professional journals. His latest publication (co authored with Stephen McNamee) is the second edition of ‘A practical guide to UK and Irish Gaap’ (May 2020) (552pp) published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.