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By learning effective stress management techniques and mindfulness practices, participants can empower themselves to better manage stressors and find a greater sense of balance and resilience in their lives.


In this course Edel Walsh covers the following topics;

  • Understanding Stress
    1. Our stress system
    2. Fight, flight and freeze.
    3. The effects of stress
  • Managing Stress at Work
    1. Common causes of workplace stress
    2. Managing your mental state at work
  • Managing Stress in the Moment
    1. Mindfulness practices to managing stress in the moment.
  • Stress Management Tools
    1. Challenging our thoughts
    2. Challenging our beliefs
  • Stress and building resilience.
    1. Relationship between stress and resilience
    2. Building resilience

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CPD Course Speaker

Edel Walsh Coaching and Consulting

Edel Walsh

Edel Walsh is the owner of Edel Walsh Coaching and Consulting.

She specialises in mental health and well-being coaching and workplace well-being coaching.
Edel is also a student mentor and coach supporting professional accountancy students through their exams. Edel supports her student clients get their exams as quickly as possible while maintaining balance and prioritizing their well-being.

Her corporate career started in KPMG where qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. From there, Edel moved into professional education where she held senior lecturer and examinership roles within the professional accountancy bodies.