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Successful firms are built on the foundation of the vision of its founders.  The way to make that vision come to life is through effective marketing activity.  This all starts with the development of a marketing plan built on a framework of outcomes that when achieved are the driving factors for growth.  Any accountant in practice with ambition for success needs to come along to this event and see an exciting way to embed a plan in very little time yet with the scope to drive increased fees.  This also offers a solid commercial approach which is hugely supportive to a way of working with clients and focuses the mind on adding value throughout the delivery of services to clients.  Given this is a process all around connectivity and continuity it presents the sustainable way to plan and grow.

During this session Margaret Bradshaw will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to a way of looking at marketing to maximise ideas, solve challenges and be seen as the success process of the firm
  • Why a framework is essential to firms seeking a sustainable way to grow
  • Presentation of the framework required for success
  • Connectivity, impact, dealing with challenges, task management
  • Commercial outcomes

Attending this session means delegates will be able to move forward with the baseline of a marketing plan that they can use as the baseline process to support their growth/success.   

This session will be of particular interest to business owners or those responsible in a firm for coordinating the success process aka “marketing”.

Course Level: Foundation

CPD Course Speaker

Margaret Bradshaw