Course Details

  • After the pandemic rebound, where is the economy going now?
  • Could inflation make a return? And what would be the consequences?
  • Are deposit interest rates ever going to rise again?
  • When asset values are so high, is there anywhere safe to invest? 
  • What are the most likely scenarios to unfold over the next 2-5 years?

CPD Course Speaker

Finance Lecturer & Economics Columnist

Cormac Lucey

Cormac Lucey teaches finance, at post-graduate level, at the IMI, UCD, TCD and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

He is also a commentator on economic and current affairs both on broadcast media and through his weekly columns with The Sunday Times (Irish edition) and The Times (Ireland).

And he is chairman of the Hibernia Forum, an independent think-tank which promotes the free market, individual liberty and responsible and prudent government.

He served as a special adviser to Michael McDowell when he was Tánaiste (Irish deputy prime minister) between 2002 and 2007. Cormac previously worked both in industry and in corporate finance in both Ireland and Germany.