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The course covers tax-efficient Business Protection products like Relevant Live, Executive Income Protection, Business Loan Protection, Shareholder Protection and Keyman Insurance. These policies are designed for business owners to meet their needs. As accountants, we should be aware of not only the tax-efficiencies that such policies provide, but also better and favourable outcomes for our clients.   Knowledge of Business Protection will help Accountants offer more tax savings solutions for their clients. 

For us Accountants, providing financial advice beyond just accounting not only gives us a competitive edge but helps foster deeper relationships with our clients. This webinar will help you become a more holistic advisor than just an accountant and provide more value to your clients. Adding Protection advisory to your service offering will also help your practise with an addition revenue stream, boosting a client’s lifetime value to your business. 

In this course Abdul Mubarak covers following topics:

  • Tax Efficiencies of Business Protection products like Relevant Life. 
  • Importance of Income Protection to Business Owners. 
  • Adding Protection Advisory to your practise. 
  • Discuss how accountants can identify opportunities within their client bank. 
  • Compliance and the FCA

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WIS Accountancy Ltd

Abdul Mubarak

Having started his career with WIS as an Insurance paraplanner, Abdul has progressed to being a qualified Protection and Estate Planning Advisor and is now responsible for managing the protection team. He is also an associate member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers and currently undergoing his final ACCA examinations.
Abdul is genuinely passionate about protecting as many families as possible and goes about doing his business primarily with clients’ interests at heart. He is a strong team player and strives to get the job done!